The Cello Studio
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Scales: C, G, D, A, E, F, Bb, Eb, Ab 

(Bowings - separate quarters, and 8/bow in 8ths at mm-104)


HS: Piece - 

Scales: D, Ab, F 8/bow in 8ths at mm-120

e, b-flat, c minors  in quarters at mm-120

A, Eb, G arpeggios in triplets at mm-100 




OK - I finally figured out what this page will be used for!!!!

It will be full of "fun" (remember that this is Mrs. Everill speaking - my idea of fun is a little strange.....;-) ) tips and strategies for getting those pieces in shape for the next lesson!!!

to start:

"The Seven Stages of Misery" practice game (see what I mean.....>:) )

Counting challenges (can YOU survive?)

Sightreading - any South Jersey auditioners out there????

Practice timesheet (please ignore the "beginners" heading and substitute "cello" for "trombone" :) OR


Plain practice sheet   If the trombone references get to you.......


A good bow hold - left side: student, right side: Orlando Cole - "cello grandfather" of student (ie: teacher of teacher.......)




 Notice how the knees are NOT in the side indents (but the bow IS!)