If you would like to come to hear the orchestra I play with, here's what's coming up in the Delaware Symphony this year:


Listening Challenge 

Here are some pieces you might want to become familiar with. Let me know what you listen to! If you can identify 10 of these, there might be a rosin in it for you! (limited to my current students! :) )

Baroque Era (1600-1750)

Bach – Brandenburg Concerto #3

Bach - Solo Cello Suite #1 in G

Vivaldi - Four Seasons - Spring

Handel - Messiah - Any three movements - list:

Classical Era (1730-1820)

Mozart – Symphonies No. 40 

Beethoven - Sonata #3 for Cello and Piano

Beethoven – Symphony Nos. 5 

Any Beethoven Opus 18 String Quartet

Romantic (1820-1900)

Dvorak Cello Concerto

Mendelssohn – Symphony No. 4 “Italian” (Buy CD or DRM free MP3 or Berliner Philharmoniker & Herbert von Karajan - Mendelssohn: Symphony No. 3, "Scottish" & No. 4, "Italian")

Schubert Unfinished Symphony

Schumann Symphony #4

Tchaikovsky – Romeo and Juliet

Brahms – Symphony No. 4 

Dvorak – Symphony No. 9 “From the New World” 

Liszt - Les Preludes

Debussy - La Mer

Debussy - Cello Sonata

Ravel - String Quartet

Mussorsky - Pictures At an Exhibition

Mahler - Symphony #1 First Movement


Hindemith - Symphonic Metamorphoses

Shostakovitch - String Quartet #1 - one movement of your choice

Stravinsky - Firebird OR Rite of Spring

Prokofiev - Romeo and Juliet

Adams - Short Ride in a Fast Machine

Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue

Varese - Ionisation

The Delaware Symphony Orchestra (Mrs. Everill's orchestra :) ) was  nominated for a Latin Grammy for the recording with the LA Guitar Quartet we did in spring of '09 -

DSO  released its latest recording on Naxos (2018): https://www.naxos.com/catalogue/item.asp?item_code=8.573603

Some reviews of Cheryl Everill and Kathleen Hastings for their Brahms Double Concerto performance with the Newark Symphony Orchestra:

from the newarkpostonline.com

"Soloists Kathleen Hastings, violin and Cheryl Everill, cello, must have rehearsed a lot to play so perfectly together in some of the many passages where they had to play the same fast patterns of runs and arpeggios. They also ended the first movement’s furious finale on a dime. ...... The third movement was my favorite, with the cello’s brilliant attack on the motive which it then passed to the orchestra."

and from deartsinfo.blogspot.com

"Kathleen Hastings, violin and Cheryl Everill, cello were soloists in the Double Concerto for violin and cello by Johannes Brahms. Their smooth ensemble and the chiaroscuro contrast between soloists and orchestra was a pleasure to hear."