CELLO STUDIO POLICY  (as of September 2019)

Please read carefully!


1. Payment is to be made by check or cash in the first week of the month - the cost is pro-rated  over the 10 month period from September through June, with 38 lessons in that time period, so that there will be equal payments, making bookkeeping easier for students and for me!  The lessons themselves begin  on the Tuesday after Labor Day and are to be completed by June 30.

2. Individual lessons are available at a higher cost than the pro-rated lessons. Please ask me about the cost for this, if you would prefer non-weekly lessons, or to pay by the lesson. The cancellation/make-up policy remains the same as below for scheduled individual lessons.

3. There will be a returned check charge of $50.00 for bounced checks, and cash only will be accepted after a check has bounced. 

4. If you do not pay in the first week of the month in person (ie. if the student misses that lesson or payment was left at home), the payment must be received by mail or dropped off before the 2nd week of lessons to avoid a late charge of $5.00 per week.

7. There will be a summer session in July into early August.  



2. I will make up any lesson missed on my part. 

3. Lessons may be rescheduled up to 24 hours before, preferably by the lesson prior to, the lesson affected. If rescheduled within the week of the original lesson on one of my regular teaching days (Tuesday or Thursday) will not count toward the limit of four excused absences. This will be called a "rescheduled lesson". If less than 24 hours notice is given, then the lesson will be considered forfeit, unless there is illness, or a family emergency (illness or death in the family - see below) If there are many "rescheduled" lessons, a change of lesson time might be considered.


If the lesson cannot be rescheduled within the same week on my regular teaching days, then this will be an excused absence (limited to 4 per year - see "excused absences" below - #4)

4. While the 24 hour limit applies to most lesson changes, if a student is ill or there is a serious family emergency (hospitalization or serious injury/illness or death in the family) and if you contact me by 10:00 the day of the scheduled lesson I will also count this as an excused absence. This applies to illness of the student and family emergency ONLY. All other changes must be made with 24 hours notice (including last minute sports practices/games). You can leave a message on my phone machine, which has a date and time stamp. An excused absence can be made up at any time during the year, but before June 30 (limit of 4).

5. It will be the responsibility of the student/parents to initiate the scheduling of make up lessons. Once scheduled, if a make-up or rescheduled lesson is missed for any reason, that lesson becomes forfeit and no further make-up for the original lesson will take place.

7. Any call to miss a lesson after the 24 hour deadline  or the 10:00 serious emergency deadline, for any reason, will be considered an unexcused absence and will not be due a make-up. 

8. LESSONS MISSED FOR ANY OTHER REASON OR WITHOUT PROPER NOTICE WILL BE UNEXCUSED AND THE STUDENT WILL BE CHARGED (this includes: forgetting the lesson, bad traffic, no practice, forgetting the cello/books/bow, fingernails too long, etc......). It will be at my discretion whether a lesson will take place if the student does not have the correct materials, is too late, has not practiced, etc. 

9. If you are late, the lesson will run to its normal end-time. No extension of time will be possible.

10. Please do not bring your child if he/she is sick (running a fever WITHIN 24 HOURS of the lesson, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, sinus infection, etc). 


1. Students should arrive 5 minutes prior to the lesson start with all equipment and books. Use this time to unpack and tune quietly. The lesson should be well - practiced and prepared - 5 days a week of a minimum time that equals the lesson length each of those days (unless we discuss otherwise at the lesson). If the student is not prepared to take a lesson, for whatever reason, including forgetting bow, cello, music, I reserve the right not to teach the lesson, and the lesson will be forfeit and charged. When, on that rare occasion, when circumstances have interfered in preparation, please let me know. This should NOT happen often!!

2. If adequate preparation does not appear to be taking place, as judged by the progress of the student, that student will be put on a month-long probation. At the end of that time, we will re-evaluate the continuance of that student in the studio.


1. I highly encourage participation in school ensembles, youth orchestras and chamber groups. Please keep me informed of all musical activities. I like to brag about my students!!! I also ask parents to take students to live concerts - there are many in our area, some even free! There are two classical music stations WRTI ( 90.1 FM) which broadcasts classical until 6:00 PM, then jazz), and WWFM (89.1 FM and 89.5 HD2), as well as concert broadcasts on WHYY TV. There is nothing like attending a live performance, however.

2. Our goal in lessons is to learn as much as possible about this fine instrument and music. In following these procedures, it allows us the freedom and scope to explore this most enjoyable art. I look forward to our time together!!

3. Remember!!!! Communication is the key in any successful, so PLEASE let me know if there is any problem with practicing, lessons, or anything that would interfere with a positive learning environment!!


"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything."